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OUR PHILOSOPHY: Improvisation and play produce great writing. Get expert coaching, innovative exercises and supportive feedback at The Opening.



The Opening is a place for writing that emphasizes the intuitive mind of the writer. We prioritize open-ended exploration and a playful attitude for discovering the unexpected in ourselves, and in the world. By using innovative techniques to access our innate capacities for improvisation, and by heightening the sensitivity of our perceptual abilities, both the writer and the writing grow naturally.

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Editing Service Available
"Finishing Touches"

Do you have a piece of writing that is almost ready to go but can’t get that final editing done? Andy’s partner, Cynthia Kingsbury, is now offering copy editing and proofreading services.

Cynthia has been Andy’s main editor for years (two published books). Cynthia is a pro at correcting grammar, punctuation, typos, and checking for tone, tense, word choice, sentence structure and clarity. She also does “developmental editing” which includes all of the above plus checking the document for overall structure, flow, and consistency. Contact her directly at: 831-431-0855 or cyn62@sonic.net


LOCATION: Santa Cruz courses are held downtown at 147 South River Street, Suite 203, Santa Cruz CA 95060. (Above Mobo Sushi) Map: http://goo.gl/maps/ltr02





Andy Couturier: Writing Teacher Santa Cruz and Oakland
About the Instructor,
Andy Couturier

Learn to Teach Writing

By Andy Couturier:

Writing Open the Mind Writing Open the Mind

Powerful writing comes naturally when the mind is energized & experimental; when it can take risks and follow the unexpected wherever it leads.

Teacher Training
Certificate Course 2015

Fun Writing Classes at The Opening in Oakland and Santa Cruz

* How to create a nourishing group culture
* Dozens of useable & effective writing exercises
* How to teach improvisation, organization and revision
* A strong theory base from which to ground your teaching
* How to build your practice to create independent income

100-hour course: one weekend a month:
January-June 2015
Santa Cruz, CA

pdf brochure here

Pico Iyer says about Andy Couturier's writing: "It's been years since such a fresh and liberating voice has emerged..."

Also by Andy Couturier:

Book Picture
A Different Kind
of Luxury

Gary Snyder
says: "Andy Couturier has written some very articulate pieces on the Japanese counter-culture."

Read excerpts on the book's blog

Beautifully illustrated literary profiles of people living extraordinary, simple, sustainable lives in rural Japan.

ABOUT THE BOOK: Raised in the tumult of Japan's industrial powerhouse, the eleven men and women profiled in this book have all made the transition to sustainable fulfilling lives. Read more...

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